Garageband newbie

Dunno if this is the right forum, so apologies if not.
My teen son is using GB to good effect, and we are exploring how to get more out of it.
Is there any way he can benefit from my extensive collection of samples?
I can't find an equivalent to EXS on there.

Yeah, if there was an EXS equivalent then that would probably make it too close to Logic.

Don't know if you know this or not, but you can instantiate 3rd party AU instruments (and plugins too) in the "Detail" area of the software instrument track or audio track for plugins. Pop out the "detail" triangle and click and hold one of the empty pull down menus and you should see any AU instruments at the bottom of the list. If you had a 3rd party sampler I imagine you could instantiate it there.

Hope that helps.
Is it possible you're talking about an older version of GB?
The only 3rd party sampler I have is Kontakt3 which uses a dongle.
Are there any share/freeware tools out there?
Will GB recognise EXS if it were possible to install it seperately?