Logic Pro 9 Garritan Instruments not showing in Logic!

I posted a thread four days ago about this problem. Sadly didn't recieve any solutions so I thought I'd have another try! I recently bought the Garritan Personal Orchestra vst but I cannot get it to show in Logic (Logic Express 9). I have tried everything I know or can find on the subject but all to no avail. Is there anyone at Logic who could offer an answer? I'm going round in circles at the moment and wasting loads and loads of time.

Any help or ideas much appreciated. Thanks!
1) Make sure you download the latest "Aria" app from the Garritan website, as well as your content and then follow the instructions on how to install the AU version of the plug-in.
2) In Logic, instantiate a new instrument track.
3) Load an instance of "Aria" into your instrument slot (the one above the word "Stereo Out".
4) Open Area, and in slot 1, where the word empty is, hold your curser down and select the sound you would like to use from the list.

That will get you a single channel of the Garritan orchestra. If you wish to use a midi multi to control it, go on to Youtube and see if there is a short movie about using multi midi instruments...

And if you are new to Logic ALWAYS read and go through the "Exploring Logic Pro" PDF from the Apple site (yes I know it's for Logic Pro but 99% of the info is relevent) and to make a multi midi instrument go to page 224 of the Logic Express PDF manual you can also download from the Apple website.

Follow the instructions and you will be good to go.

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Thanks very much to gdoublryou and georgegelegeriii ! I now have Aria and GPO 4 open in Logic Express. Thanks guys I can't tell you what a help and time saver you have been. The only thing I now notice is that I cannot solo any of the 16 channels in Logic. If I press the solo or mute buttons in say track one then all 16 tracks are affected in the same way. Same with adding reverb - if I select Adverb to track one for instance the settings are exactly the same for all channels. When setting up Aria I always choose the multi timbral setting to create the 16 tracks and then assign the correct channel settings to each (1/2 3/4 5/6 etc. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Once again thanks for your time and advice! I really appreciate it.
Nothing.. if you want to solo something, look for the track that contains Aria and open it, and use the solo there... well, that will only kinda work. The problem is that you are controlling an audio instrument with midi objects, and the solo doesn't work properly (never has actually).

The ONLY was I know to do this is to make each instrument 1 instance of Aria, and then you can solo the track.The benefit to this way of working is that you can actually bounce down each part. A multi instrument can't be bounced would out some serious extra work.

George Leger III
Thanks George, I am now loading instruments into one instance of Aria each and it works much better that way. I am only experimenting at this stage but it seems I can use reverb etc from within Aria rather than Logic. It gives me the sound I want and seems easy to use. Would you say this method is ok?


Depends on your computer. I would be careful to see how much power you are taking depending on how many parts you have going. If you use one of Logic's built in reverb in an aux send/return style setup, you will use way less computer power than having 16 tracks, each worth it's own.

So, it really depends on: how many tracks you have going, and how powerful your computer is.


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I have the same issue as David Rieuwerts.
Question: How can I tell how much resources are being consumed by Logic Pro using 16 instances of GPO?
Load up the "Activity Monitor" utility. it will show you how much power you have available and how much is being used.

Logic also has it's own DSP meters. I don't believe Aria uses much power.