Logic Pro 9 GB to Logic


I found this video:

explaining how to export songs from GB on iPad to Logic, but the icons shown at 02:38 are not present on my students' iPad.

Is he out of date, or is there a preference to bring these up?

Without them, is it possible to transfer his iPad project to Logic?

When I connect his iPad to my mac's USB, it doesn't show up in Finder.
I've tried 2 cables that are fine with iPod but they don;t work with his iPad. Does iPad have a different cable?

Any help appreciated

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The GarageBand on my iPad is the most recent one. The intro screen he refers to, where you can select your created songs, is also different than mine.
My songfiles appear as thumbnails instead of flipping pages.

To access the export icon he refers to, I have to tap on the Edit button at the top right corner of that intro screen.
Once done, the export icon (and other ones) appears at the top left of the intro screen. The icons will be greyed out if song files are either not present or unselected (after having tapped on the Edit button)...

The rest of the explained procedure is similar to what I have here.

If you intend to export your songs (entire project files) from iPad-GarageBand to Mac-GarageBand, you will need to have the latest GarageBand installed on your Mac, and even then, you will have an extra (free) update to install when importing your first iPad-GvarageBand into your Mac-GarageBand..
After that (one-shot) update procedure, you will therefore be able to load your projects from your iPad to GarageBand or Logic on your Mac, keeping the MIDI tracks as originally created...