Logic Pro 8 Getting a buzz every time I hit Record in Logic Express 8.


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I am using a Prism Orpheus connected via Firewire to a new 20" iMac. I am trying to record 2 channel. I set up Logic Express 8 for the recording, check levels and everything is fine, including the monitor sound. Then I click the record button and the sound through the monitor becomes a very distorted buzzing in which the incoming music is barely recognizable. This is also the sound that is recorded in LE 8. If I set the Orpheus to use the mixer (direct feed from inputs) instead of the DAW (feed from iMac), it sounds fine. I am using the Orpheus internal clock and this is confirmed in the iMac MIDI screen.

After about 2 seconds, there is an error message that says,
"Error while trying to sync audio and MIDI.
Sample rate (random number) recognized.
Check conflict between Logic Express and external device."

To clear the error, I go to Preferences, Audio, and uncheck Enable in Core Audio and then re-Enable Core Audio. I have tried all the sampling rates, turning off software monitoring, turning off 24-bit, and trying all the latency settings. :brkwl:

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.