Logic Pro 8 Getting Audio tracks to play?


I'm having a problem getting an audio track to play the instruments from the library. I never have really tried to learn to use the audio tracks, I normally use EXS but today I wanted to learn to use the Audio tracks.

So I pulled it up, selected Audio, Mono Input 1, put a check in the Record Enable Box, put a check in the open library box, but it won't play the instrument I choose.

I can go to all my EXS tracks and my keyboard will play them, but for some reason it just won't play these blue audio tracks. Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong cuz I am very confused. Thanks!!

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Audio tracks do not play instruments. They only play audio signals. If you connect a microphone, a synthesizer, electric guitar or whatever to your audio interface, you record them to audio tracks. You can also record the audio output of your software instruments within Logic if you want. But MIDI data on an audio track or audio data on a MIDI track do nothing.

Software Instruments take MIDI and deliver audio.
Audio channels take and deliver audio.


ha that is why it didn't work thanks a million!

I understood most of that but what does this part mean:

"You can also record the audio output of your software instruments within Logic if you want."

I'm tryin to figure it out, record the audio output of your software instruments...isn't that the same as recording midi? Because aren't your software instruments just instruments in your computer and you record them in Logic using your midi device??


What Peter means is that you can "print" the software instrument tracks as audio. So, instead of having midi information trigger a software instrument; you will have the data as an actual audio file. The advantage (one of them) is that you can them move the files around for use on different systems that may not have the same software instruments.