Logic Pro 9 Getting Deeper Into Automation Bug


Hi again
I have found that not only does the the 3 plugins in question induce the uncompensatable automation latency, they also make the display lag or rather it's ahead of the sound.
I discovered that something was wrong a year ago but haven't had time to fully point the finger at the problem until now.
Surely somebody else here has been annoyed with the display not following the song exactly or not being able to work with automation on tracks routed to a bus or aux that has either the UAD Precision Multiband, PSP Neon HR or Sonnox SuprEsser HR in it.
Of course these are plugins that you may not use in the HR version or in the Multiband case on anything but the master output in which case there is no automation problem but the display issue is there even if it's used on the channel strips.

PS there may be other plugins with this issue. I have only tested the ones I have.

PSS All 3 companies have replied and acknowledged that there is a bug but not surprisingly they put the blame on Apple. It may be but why is it only these 3 plugins then.

Best regards
Henrik Krogh


I forgot to say that the visual lag on channel strips only occurs when you start. It's like a hiccup. It's a problem when you want to bounce a song at the precise length. That isn't possible. You have to have a roll-in.
It makes it less of an issue since having a roll-in is not a big deal but put it on a bus, aux or output and it's goodbye to audio following the graphics.