Logic Pro 9 Getting Hardware Synth Voices in Logic 9


Is there a way to get hardware Synths Voices/Sounds into Logic 9? I know in Cubase you can add a Device via XML is there a similar feature in Logic 9. Thanks in advance for your help.

Logic 9
Yamaha MM6
Lexicon Alpha
If you are asking how to get patch lists into Logic, sadly, it's clumsy. Ideally, you will have or be able to acquire a list of all patches for the device, sorted in patch number order. If not, you'll have to build one. You'll want a good backup of the most current copies of each of these lists.
Open Logic's environment and create or use multi-instrument for the desired device.
Double click it to open the patch list. This will be pre-filled with the GM list most likely.
Paste the list of patches copied from the master text file list replacing what's there.
Set custom bank-change messages as needed, and set patches for each bank.
The docs go into more detail on creating multi-instruments, setting custom bank change messages, etc.

Good luck.
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