Logic Pro 9 Getting midi drums and recorded audio back in sync

I made a drum track in sibelius and imported it as a midi to Logic 9. I then laid down the guitar and voice track. Then I felt a need to speed up the song and changed the tempo in logic. OOPS! now my audio and midi are out of sync. Can it be returned to sync?


Being MIDI, your drums are no doubt following the new tempo without problem. As far as the audio, try checking the "follow tempo" box in the region parameter box. Or alternatively, try using Varispeed. Or you could try using Flex on the audio tracks. Analyze them at the original tempo, and they should then play back at the new speed without problem if you leave them Flex enabled.
Yes! I really like the way this forum has helped me. I am the type that learns by doing something and then find out why. the instructions in the book are sometimes very hard to make sense of until I have something to apply them to. Thank you for your patience with me and I hope this can help someone else.