Logic Pro 9 Getting MIDI into audio effect (for realtime control)

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Hi Guys,
I've purchased a Waves GTR Ground floor controller that hooks up via USB and just fires midi into Logic (using LP9....always on the bleeding edge, hurry up and get LP9 at least as stable as LP8 please Apple) and my plan was to be able to use Guitar stuff like Amp Designer, Amplitube, Guitar Rig and Waves GTR3 in Logic and have guitarists use the Waves GTR Ground to switch effects or wah or volume as part of the performance in realtime, but at present the only way I can route the midi commands to the audio effect is to use automation quick access which means I can route ONE control at a time to the effect which is kinda tragic waste of control :-((
Does anyone know of a sensible way to get Logic to route all of the incoming MIDI from the floor controller to the plug in?
With Amp Designer being a big part of the sales pitch for LP9, you'd think Apple would be keen to see guitarists jumping up and down on stomp boxes, making Logic do cool stuff in realtime with Guitar effects!
Many Thanks in advance for any help,
I'm not sure, but I thought Apogee made a dedicated foot-controller for Logic to control the stompboxes in Logic. Not sure if they will support your Waves foot controller. Can't you learn on/off switches from the pedals in the pedalboard to any MIDI command? It works for other plug-ins at least (as I did that in the past as well):

Click parameter, Command-L and send MIDI command to Logic.
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HI Ya,
The problem as I can see it at the moment appears to be getting the MIDI commands to arrive at the audio plug in. No problem with an audio INSTRUMENT channel, but with an audio channel, the midi does not arrive at it :-(
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I just tried it, and here I can connect a MIDI-command to e.g. a fuzz control of a pedal on the pedalboard. On an audio track, via the Learn command in Logic.

So I'm not sure why this isn't working for you then.
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The plugins react:

  1. To "Fader" events, which are internal MIDI messages available only in Logic.
  2. To a limited range of control changes if you set this option in the preferences.
  3. To incoming MIDI that was learned by Controller Assignments.

Controller Assignments are the preferred method.
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in practical terms - select the object you want to control - a knob or whatever - and if it's a non-logic plugin, activate its own learn function, then type command-L. alternatively, from the menu bar, click Logic Pro | Preferences | Control Surfaces | Learn Assignment for "[whatever you selected]".

bonus tip - to record your automation, hit the 'A' key to show automation in the arrange window. in the selected track, click where it probably says 'volume', select your plugin and the parameter you want to automate, then where it probably says 'off' click and select 'touch'. you can record multiple parameters at the same time if you have multiple controllers learned. keep in mind that these controller values can be changed in both play and record modes, so you'll want to change from 'touch' to 'read' mode when you're done recording controller changes.

i don't think you'll ever see midi at the plugin - logic converts it to its own controller data before it hits the plugin.
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