Logic Pro 8 ghost notes Xpress 8


have been experiencing ghost notes before bar 1. These notes are from just one software inst. usually Reason redrum or bass notes in Logic 8 with Analog Factory. Generally just one note but is still annoying. I start my sequences on bar 1 with sometimes pickup notes in bar 0. I've made sure that all notes in bar 1 start a few tics after the downbeat. Un-noticeable, really. I've had to "hit" stop (0) on the numerical keyboard several times so the ghost note doesn't play. But not always. It's really only a pain when I'm bouncing to AIFF/MP3/CD. And then I have to re-record, silly problem but annoying.

I use Logic Express 8 (totally satisfied), iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GBRAM, all MOTU MIDI and audio. Again, this does not occur on every project, just a few. I can live with this but I'm sort a "why is it" kind of guy. I've also inserted blank measures in bar 0 for the offending track. NADA. Thanx in advance for any input. Tony