Logic Pro 9 Global key change affects audio vocal


I corrected the key signature in Global tracks, and three already-recorded vocals now sound as if I had processed them through a voice-disguising filter. I returned to the original key signature, and the problem went away. Inexplicable. Am I stuck with the wrong key signature?
Hi George,

That is VERY strange. Really the only way any audio can/should be affected by the Key Signature track is if they are Apple Loops.

This _shouldn't_ make a difference either way in this case, but just to rule out possible voodoo: what happens if you disable the "Follow Tempo" checkbox for these audio regions in the Region Inspector?

And again, just to rule the extremely unlikely, is Flex Time off?
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Eli, you are correct. I've turned off the "follow tempo" checkbox in each of the tracks, and the problem is solved. Many thanks!
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