Logic Pro X Go to marker - How to avoid a loop

wagner silva

New Member
Hi, my name is Wagner, from Brazil...

I use logic associated with Notion 6. Most of the times, the score has a lot of repetitions.
Using markers and meta events 51 (go to marker) could be a solution. Unfortunately, if I try do set a meta event on measure 50 to go back to measure 20, it works, but loops indefinitely.

I need to construct the following structure
1 - 50 , then go back to measure 20 -48, jump to 51 - 70, go back to 55 - 61 and finally jump from 51 to 71

I tried, based on one post that I found here (Score receptions) toreproduce the solution that Angelous58 did using the environment. It worked for the first repetions. Then I tried to apply it to my song. The first time it worked (go back to measure 20), but in the second time, instead of going to measure 50, it came back to measure 1.

And I have at least more 5 repetitions to program.:eek:

Is there someone here who has experience with this that could kindly help me, please?