Logic Pro (X) Go To Next Marker without Audio Gap and Pop Sound?


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I'm writing music for a live production/play at a church. Since it will be performed live, the timing will always be a little different. I want it to jump to the next part to convey the emotion being performed at that moment. (i.e. major to minor feel)

My solution was to make the music for a scene go a little long, then use a marker for the next part, and finally use the "Go To Next Marker" shortcut (option+.) to jump to the next music part. I'm having two problems:

1. The midi sound restarts (synth, pad, strings) so there's a little drop in the audio. I'd like it to be seamless.

2. There's a little "pop" sound that occurs.

Is there a way to keep the sound from dropping momentarily and be seamless, and (much secondarily) get rid of the pop sound?

If there is another or better way to achieve this, please let me know. Thanks!