Logic Pro 9 Good LP9 video tutorial

I've searched google and have come up with blurred screens, garbled brit accents (no offense) in an attempt to get me down the Logic Pro 9 learning track. I used Logic 7 for several years but never used 50%, so need some good video tutorials. Any recommendations? Thanks
While I'd agree that macprovideo has some good tutorials, may I ask why you need it?
I mean, what exactly is it that you don't understand, need help with, etc.?

- Sascha
Learning Logic

I also highly recommend the formality and structure of the Apple Certification. You basically buy a book and take a test... the test is cake- probably most people who have 'self-taught' themselves how to use Logic could pass it- but the *process* of formally studying the book and taking the test is extremely useful and really makes you think about Logic in a deeper and much more formal way...

I did the 101 last year, and am starting to prepare for the 201 this year : )

(this process is required for my job BTW)
Sascha: I need to go further into how Logic's various functions . . . function. I worked with LP7 for a few years and was in such a hurry, never really got to the more sophisticated or more challenging possibilities. Just a more in-depth approach. Maybe reading the manual diligently but think video is going to make it more intuitive.
There are several vids on YouTube, I suggest the SF Logic Ninja there.

I also like the ones from mac pro vidieo.

Forum member Doug Zangar has some released by Groove3.