Got my ULN 8 now for two days!


Hello guys,
First post here.
I am a Logic user and recently bought a ULN8.
After spending quitte a few hours I have some questions and seeing that Allen Rowand is moderating here gives me confidence;)

So right now I have the following questions for my set-up:

* Summing within the ULN8. How can I take advantage of this? Thanks to the 80 bit engine it should give better results than summing in Logic. But I am searching for an efficient way to implement this in my creative proces.

* My current set-up (only synths and an MPC) is a Fantom G and two Clavia's, a Nordstage and Nordwave all connected to my MPC which acts as a hardware midi sequencer in the arranging phase.

* Irritating click. When all my synths are in local off mode, with the Clavia's I hear a very irritating click when triggering a key from an external keyboard which triggers the Clavia's engine. This problem does not occur with my FantomG. And to make it more complicated, if I simply work with local on on the Clavia synths and route the audio to the ULN8 I don't hear the click! Does this have to do with my settings on the ULN? I did not have such a click with the same setup connected to my old Motu 828 card. Or is it because the ULN has pre-amps? Or maybe the Clavia's don't have balanced outputs?

* Logic to MIO or MIO to Logic before mixing down? Is it a reasonable option to simply route everything from Logic to the MIO and mixdown in the MIO instead of bouncing your final product in Logic before sending to the mastering engineer?

* Mixing down in MIO results in all tracks apart instead of one complete track. You know what I mean?

* Volume level resolution on knobs. In one of the tutorials on youtube I saw that you can alter the level resolution within the MIO software. So out of the box turning the level knobs alter 0,5db when you turn and 3db when you pres a knob. Where can I alter this? Let's say I want 5 db alterations without pressing the knob?

* inst, +4dB or -10dB What would u advice in order to get the best result when working with synths? When I turn on +10 immediately the noise on my outputs/speakers rises to an irritating level. Maybe this is normal?

Wow, lot's of questions already.

Excuse me for it.

Suming: I route my Logic Busses to outputs that go to the ULN8. I saturate, sum and balance in the ULN8 as necessary and I record the summed output back into Logic in real time. Make sense?
Thanks Gareth but In Real-time? Don't you get an audio-feedbackloop then?



Yes, in real time. Running through the dsp in the ULN-8 is like running through any outboard gear.

To avoid feedback, don't assign the returned track(s) in Logic to an output. So, if you are outputting your mix on FW1-2, create a stereo track in Logic with the inputs set to Input 1-2 and output as "No Output". This will let you record your mix without feedback.

Ok Guys Thanks!

So I tried it out and it works.
First I record everything in Logic (on a track with its output set to "No Output")
Then After recording I set this tracks output to stereo out again which goes to the MIO on a channel with inputs DAW 1/2 in order to hear the recorded material.


All you need to do is the following:

First of all, if you are only wanting to run the 1-2 mix from logic through the ULN-8 for processing (compression, mastering, EQ on the master bus) then all you have to do is create a stereo input stip on the ULN-8 mixer, set the input to DAW 1-2 (because logic automatically is sending your master bus out 1-2),

After the processing plugins strip, send out to FW 1-2 (or whatever you want).

Now, in logic, create a stereo track, set the input to 1-2 (or whatever you set the FW output on your ULN-8 just now) BUT, set the output of this track to nothing so you don't get a feedback loop. Now set this track to record, and just play your song and it will record in logic as you play.