Greetings from the we(s)t coast


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Hi Everyone,

I'm a long-time music maker in Vancouver, Canada. Right now I'm part of a hypnotic beats duo, Humanoid No More, melding sci-fi and 90s club/hip hop sounds to appease the aliens. Logic helps with that.

We use a fairly simple set-up, as we try to picture playing live (which we've done once so far). Simplicity, portability, and utility are what we try to emphasize, so that we can just get on with working on tracks. So Logic's running on my Macbook Air. We have a Scarlett 18i20 interface & Novation controller. Additional instruments include Roland SP-404, MC-505, Juno; Arturia MiniBrute2; Yamaha CP; a Pocket Operator; & Boss DR-660.

I'm hoping to build connections, find help and help others when I can.