Logic Pro (X) Grey track, blue dot.

Paul Meehan

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I have an audio track with numerous takes. It is now appearing as greyed out with a blue dot and I'm only able to play the last take. The track is not muted and neither is the region. Last take plays track but I can't switch to previous takes. Any help would be appreciated to this logic pro novice.
Your description is vague.

Dots mean muted, but you may actually see a circle which means mono.
You could could have a muted Track, Channel, Region, Take Folder, Take. A track has a power button and a mute button, don't confuse these two.

Essentially, show a screen shot.
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I have a similar question. Screenshot attached.

I see that muting a track turns blue regions gray. But I have tracks that are NOT muted where all the regions are also gray (and no tracks are soloed). Those regions also happen to have a blue dot, that the blue regions don't have. For what it's worth, those two tracks were duplicated from other tracks.

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Your Regions are muted.
You are absolutely correct. I had no idea Regions could be individually muted. I right-clicked those regions and selected Mute On/Off, and they unmuted and their color returned.

In retrospect, I recall that when doing a Bounce Region In Place, I was presented with an option of how to treat the Source regions, and I probably selected Mute.

Thanks @fuzzfilth ! Your Logicianality has proven helpful once again!
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