Logic Pro 9 Groove3/Eli's Logic 9 Explained


If anyone is interested, I posted a quick review / set of thoughts on the Groove3 Logic 9 tutorial by Eli at my website. (Link below.)

Bottomline: If you are looking for some really helpful training, go to Groove3 right now and get this.

I'm interested! :D

Thanks so much for the positive review. I'm glad you are enjoying the videos! And your point is taken about sometimes not elaborating enough on why I feel certain techniques or features are important. I'll make sure to elaborate more fully in the future.
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Yes, thanks Eli. I'm enjoying your vids a lot. And I'm learning a ton. If i keep on going I'll feel as comfortable with Logic as I do with DP (after using it exclusively for 15 years)

PS what do you guys call the walking man? Catch Clock? I'm trying to assign a KC to it.
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Hi esteso,


Yeah, it's called "catch clock position". The default key command assignment is the tilde key. But of course it's freely assignable.
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