Group Buy for Nomad Plug-ins...


Hey All,

I belong to an audio site called Don't Crack (interesting name, I know) and they are sponsoring a Group Buy for a big bundle of Nomad Tube Emulation plug ins...
49 in all. It is valued at $1199 and if the goal is reached, the entire Bundle will go for $359.
Read all about it here:

You will have to register & commit to purchasing something even if the goal is not reached. The details are there in the link above. I joined this Group Buy last night and I see a few more have jumped on it by this morning.
I own their British Bundle and a few other Nomad Plugs and have found them to be rich & useful in certain instance. Anyone else out there have experience with some of the plugs offered in this Group-Buy?

If so, post 'em in this thread. I'd love to hear your experience with them, if any... :thmbup:

Happy Buying!!


Looks like the goal has been reached!
If anyone here is still interested, I wouldn't be discouraged by the fact that the goal has been met. The fine print in the FAQ of the Group Buy clearly said that Nomad would consider more buyers "over" the goal which, If true, would continue to lower the end price of this Group Buy possibly UNDER the $359 goal price...

Sweet Indeed!