Logic Pro X Group Regions (not TRACKS)


I do a lot of stand-up comedy recording/editing/mixing... basically you could look at this like dialog-editing for film/video. Sometimes I get a single stereo room-recording, and other times I'm marrying the board-direct-feed w/ a room-recording. I'm in one of those projects now, and it's re-surfaced a tedious problem that I constantly fight with.

If I've overlapped a few regions (with cross-fades on the same track)... like the following: (and I'm using "x" to represent that two regions are cross-faded together, and "<", ">" as fades to/from silence.)

Track 1: - - - - - - <[RegionA]x[RegionB]>
Track 2: - - - - - - - - - - <[RegionC]x[RegionD]x[RegionE]x[RegionF]>

In the above example... I might have decided that, across the two tracks, Regions A, B, C, and D are all working as a family of edits that I'm committed to. I don't want to mess with their relative timings between one another. But I'm still toying with the timing-relationship between the Family of ABCD, and the next phrase of the audio that starts in Regions E and F.

So I'm looking for a way to "chronologically lock" regions "TO ONE ANOTHER".

Here's what's NOT working for me:

  1. Creating Track groups — I keep getting that suggestion, but it's NOT the whole track that I want to group... It's some regions on the track and I might still have undecided regions on that same track that need to be cross-faded in later.
  2. SMTPE Lock — That's great if you have committed the clips and want to lock them down-in-place permanently... but this doesn't allow me to grab the group and slide it forward/backward on the timeline.
If what I'm seeking still isn't possible (saw someone else ask this in another forum from a 10yr old post, and it seemed that Logic didn't have this ability) then I'll have to find some kind of work-around.


Upon further research and some other message board commentary (On TapeOp), it sounds like Logic Pro truly doesn’t have “region groups”, so I have to either find a work-around or probably just use Pro Tools for these projects (since this kind of project requires a lot of this ‘grouping’ work.

Per This Apple Support article, there are a handful of “select regions” options that I might explore. I’m gonna try using region color for “whatever group of regions I’m setting as the committed-together-family (A,B,C, and D)”, and then maybe I’ll create a shortcut for “select all regions with the same color” so that I can easily grab them all when I’m moving them.
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