Logic Pro 9 Group Tracks into a Single Take Folder for Classical Music Editing?


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I have a recording of a classical piano piece that was done with 4 separate microphones. There are about 10 takes for the entire project. I would like to make use of Logic's Quick Swipe Comping method for editing this project, but unfortunately it seems to be impossible to group tracks and then put them into a single take folder.

Here is what I did:

After importing the tracks to logic (they were recorded on a different system), I group the takes together in such a way that microphones 1-4 for take 1 form group 1. Microphones 1-4 for take 2 form group 2 etc.

Next I packed all of these grouped tracks into a single take folder. After I do this, unfortunately all grouping information gets lost, so that quick swipe comping does not work.

One last thing: I am aware of the various tutorials that explain how to deal with multitrack recordings of drum sets. That situation is different here, however, because I don't want to treat the tracks separately. Rather I need to work on all microphones in the take at the same time, i.e. make use of one take folder only.

Can someone suggest a workflow to edit a multitrack classical music project with quick swipe comping (i.e making use of take folders), please?

With many thanks!