Logic Pro 9 Grouping does not work right for me


I'm not sure when this started happening, but groups are not working reliably for me. Most of the time at least one parameter won't work. Mostly volume.
In this case volume and mute didn't work. Sometimes I can wake them up by unchecking and checking again. In one case editing didn't work. I've been using Logic for a very long time and have been using groups extensively since they were introduced so I'm not a noob.
I've searched the web for answers but haven't found any. Any clues as to what might be going on here?


Computer, ram, OS, logic version. Any would help, especially since you don't see others with the same issue. Not enough info to even make a guess.


Well, it's been happening on all my computers so I don't think it's related to that. I have a 2008 2,8 8-core Mac pro with 10 gb running 10.6.8 with a MOTU system. A mid 2010 MPB with 4 gb running 10.7.3 Built in audio or Echo, and a Early 2008 MPB with 2 gb with Lion. Currently Logic 9.1.7 but it's been going on since 9 was introduced I think, not sure. All prokits and updates etc.
I guess I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this issue and if there is a solution.


What happens is I select a couple of tracks in the mixer. Then I go to group, select a group, name it, hit enter. Sometimes I then select additional parameters. Most usually work, but volume hardly ever works. Not before I close the session, re-open it, go to the group, uncheck volume and re-check it. Sometimes, I have to select another parameter, check-uncheck, check again. Then the others may or may not work.
I remember seeing this kind of thing happening a while ago myself, probably the main reason I don't use the groups like that.

I also did a few searches on Google and didn't find anything, so I'm guessing that either I'm not alone in simply abandoning this functionality and not commenting on it in any way, or it is not very popular.


A quick test to duplicate your steps: creating a group, then selecting additional parameters; didn't produce any issues with volume or other group parameters.

I don't generally use them but the few times I did, there were no problems.

Try importing a project into a new Empty template, then reassign group. See if the problem goes away. If so then perhaps your project is corrupt.


My groups randomly stop working and I toggle the check box to make it work, restart logic.

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