Logic Pro X GUI problem ruler/marker track disappearing


New Member
Hi there!

I encountered a graphic glitch that makes the ruler and the marker track disappear when opening/closing the editor or mixer "panel". This only happens when the panel is extended beyond the ruler/marker track. Even weirder, by pressing the Marker Track button after closing the panel, they reappear. It is also possible to drag only down the ruler after it has disappeared. Recalling a locked screenset works as well.

For better insight into the problem watch this screen recording I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAp9k8M9ykk

I found a workaround for this by keeping the height of the panels just under the first track and (of course) locking the screensets.

This bug persists since 10.0.0 and I reported this to Apple after I had first noticed it. Since it hasn't been fixed yet I wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing this or is able to reproduce this bug?