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Forgive me if this is a common question, but I could use some guidance on Logic Pro X templates. I play keyboards, use drum loops, record vocals. Nothing too complicated. I know I could create my own templates and I have made some pretty simple ones in the past. I’m more interested in downloading, maybe purchasing a template that would help me be organized and take full advantage of what I should be using in Logic. For example, I’ve never really used buses and sends. When I search online, I am faced with a zillion ads from companies I am unfamiliar with. I’m not looking for a template to make my music sound like a certain style or producer or song. I just want a solid, normal template. Am I looking for a mastering template? Is there a reputable source? Thanks! Paul


Well, who can tell what you 'should' use ? What would you define as 'organized' ? If you've never used Busses and Sends, then that either means you weren't able to use them properly, or you haven't felt the need to (and possibly don't know what you're missing). And then, what is solid ? What is normal ?

What I'm getting at is this: You need to at least have a rough idea what this Template should be able to do or provide to you as an artist. If you find yourself repeating the same tedious steps over and over, then this is a good indication for something a Template could solve. If you can precisely define the task ("I want to have one reverb and access it from each track individually"), then that's half the solution (set up a Send and put the reverb in the automatically created Aux).
Also, I do not think a purchased Template will solve all your specific needs, and on top you might not understand how and why it is built the way it is, which brings you back to square one.

I think you should, slowly but confidently, build and develop (like a model railway, they're never finished, there's always that one more thing you want to add or change) your own Template which does exactly what you want and you know exactly why and how.

You might want to consider talking 1:1 with someone who is an expert in that.
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For a very "brief" introduction to buses and sends simply add a software instrument track to a project. Open the library and choose something like Piano>Grand Piano with Pad & Choir. You will wind up with a track stack of instruments and AUX channels with reverbs, sends on each instrument track on buses to the effects channels...
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