Logic Pro X Guitar Amp Pro


Hmm I have a client who finished a record here last year and he used the guitar amp pro a lot. Now the client is back and I have just realised that it has gone in X.
I wondered what would happen if I opened one of the old songs (in Logic X, created in Logic 9) and it turns out that in those it's still there under "Legacy". That sub-menu is not there going straight into Logic X, is there a way to get it in there or do we have to make an autoload created in Logic 9 if we want to use it during this next project.

PS I know that many would say that the amp modeller is far superior and I agree but the client has a strange love for this particular one which he refers to as "the yellow one" so what can you do :)


Legacy is always a visible item in the Settings pop up and Library.

But it looks like option-click is required in the Audio Fx slot. Once GAP or similar legacy plug-in is inserted, all of it's presets do appear in the Library.

However, I can save it to a Channel Strip folder but the legacy preset will not appear.
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