Half Live Players & Half Logic on Stage



I'm using Logic Studio. I've created 30 songs that I'd like to use for live performances to accompany 4 musicians "live" on stage.

All 30 songs have been created using only virtual Logic instruments and some Apple loops. We have a large PA sys with a 24 track analog mixing board.

We'll most probably be using a MacBook Pro to run Logic at the shows. We'd like to be able to have our sound man have the capability to control each of the logic tracks individually during a performance. The number of digital tracks is usually 5-10.

My question is this: What additional gear (hard and/or soft) do we need to make this happen.

Please excuse my ignorance but I'm not that great with the technical end of these proceedures.

Thanks in advance for any advice and/or input you may have.

Hi Jerry,

Where are you located. In order to answer and figure this one out requires more detail than I would want to post on the LUG (the answer is too detailed and it would require allot more input to be accurate that what you have supplied).

Peter Ostry

Staff member
The most simple way is to use an audio interface with 8 line outputs and plug it via multicore to a stagebox where the musicians are also plugged in. There are many types of stageboxes available, just count your overall channels. For example a 16/4 stagebox allows 8 audio lines from the audio interface and up to 8 lines from the musicians plus 4 lines coming back from the console for monitoring. You may even find a suitable stagebox already on stage. If you bring everything yourself you can buy such a box with a 30 meter multicore cable attached.

Here is a basic example how such a setup works:

Alternatively you can use digital connections but this requires more gear and knowledge.


Thanks, Peter...your response give me a great starting point and enough info to ask some "intelligent" (i hope) qts.best!jerry


Hi Peter,I forgot to mention I do have a Motu 8Pre. Can I just run from that to the board and mix from Logic built in Mixer?
The 8 Pre isn't going to help, it has 8 ins, and only stereo outs...

Here's my best guess suggestion:

1) Bounce all your tracks to audio, that way you won't have to deal with real time VI playback.

2) I would suggest making a long single session or 2 with a marker locating the beginning of each song/cue.

3) An audio interface with I/O of 16 outs is what you are going to need, unless you wish to only use 8 tracks of output from your Mac/Logic rig. You could use most 8 channel fire wire boxes, get one with an ADAT Lightpipe I/O as well as 8 analog, and get a Berringer 8 channel Adat to audio converter for a couple of hundred $$... that will give you 16 tracks of I/O for less than a grand depending on the interface.

4) a 16 channel snake to run from the computer to the mixer. I am assuming that your mixer will be running the computer... if not, then you will have to run the snake from the computer to your main stage I/O box that will rung to your house mix.

5) Since you already own Logic, you should not require any additional software.