Happy 2011! The road map from here

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I hope that 2011 is starting out well for all my fellow LUGers!

Last year, I had a sticky in which I talked about where I saw us going in 2010. I mentioned that we were going to update the forum to the latest version of vBulletin software, and other things. So I wanted to address that, and talk about LUG plans so far.

We ended up spending 2010 investigating upgrading to vBulletin 4.x, to the point of getting it running on a development server. As with so many things in life, it wasn't as straightforward as we'd hoped. The company that produces vBulletin was bought. Various updates broke various things. The LUG has a certain architecture that we want to maintain, and all of that caused issues. And the bottom line is that while we're still intending to modernize the LUG platform to make it a lot easier for LUGers to get to posts, articles, to post their own articles, and so on, it's an ongoing process.

And that also gives you an idea of where we're going. We want to make the LUG as interactive as possible. We want to give users as much control over the content as possible. This is a volunteer, user-owned community, not a corporate vehicle, and the more that the design and architecture of the LUG reflects that, the better.

So that's where we're going from a technical perspective. But while we're handling the technical side of things, the content side is up to you-the rest of the community. Do you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see in 2011? If you do, please let us know in this thread. We're all eyes! :thmbup:

Orren & the rest of the Admin team
Orren Merton said:
it's an ongoing process
The truth is that Orren and the other fellow LUG owners bother me since months to upgrade the forum.

But I just do this: :errr:

Maybe I need a better therapist or some really good drugs.
Perhaps an expansion to other Social networks (Facebook and Twitter being the most trafficked? )

a LUG page on both might be kinda cool...
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