Logic Pro X Hard drive allocation

Hello you LUGs!
I'm reinstalling on a new (to me) iMac (27" late 2012)
and want to know which would be best, putting Logic Pro X on the internal hard drive with Mac OS Mojave or installing it on an external SSD drive? (thunderbolt or USB3?)
Also, where should software instrument libraries go for best functionality.
Thank you.


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Hi there, welcome to the LUG. Logic needs to be installed on the sysem drive in the applications folder. Software instrument libraries will want to be installed in the default folders, but may be moved to another drive.

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Pete Thomas

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Extra to what mark said, you can save your your projects to the external SSD, very likely better performance - at least that's what I found with a similar iMac.


It depends on what kind of internal drive the iMac has. If the internal drive is a "spinning hard drive" then you almost certainly want to install macOS and your tools onto an external SSD. A USB3 connection is sufficient. macOS does not run well at all when using a spinning hard drive. The access time (not transfer rate) severely limits the machine.

Unless you don't mind having the machine take 5-8 minutes to boot and "forever" to launch applications.