Hardware Midi Question


Hi everyone
Does anybody know of a mother keyboard which works the "old fashioned way". I mean where you can change programs by pressing a number (not having to scroll through the presets) and it has to be powered by a regular supply.
It's for live work and there's another little detail. It has to be light and small(isn) like the very cheap ones from M Audio and Behringer (and if it's cheap that's another bonus). I can find plenty with all sorts of controllers but none of them have a numeric way of entering the presets.
It's for a guitar player with occasional keyboard parts who has up to now used an ancient (but very good for this purpose) Roland U20. It's about to give in and fixing it hopefully doesn't make sense.
I saw Crowded House a couple of years ago and singer Neil Finn had a similar setup. The guy on question is also singing so he is locked to his spot on stage.

BTW lighter than the U20 would be ideal and maybe even 49 keys instead of 61 although that is yet to be decided