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I'm using 9.1.4. I use to have a harmonica sound on the EXS24, but I've lost it. Would anyone first of all maybe know what sound disc that might be on I could load in? I have older sound library discs from previous versions of Logic. I used the sound on some material and I've loaded files previous to this version and the sound is not there. So........?

OSX 10.6.7, Logic 9.1.4

I went through this search last year.
I eventually got a free harmonica at Boldersounds - not bad at all.

There are lots of harmonicas in Apple Loops - no instruments though. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong....
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Thank you for the reply. The sample really isn't what I'm looking for, ooking chromatic sampling capability. This really does bother me when sounds get lost. The sound name was "bluesharp." When I got my Intel iMac last year, what I did was, i went through my old Logic 5, 6 discs etc. and pulled/dragged all the sample libraries/EXS24 I could remember/find into my current version, well Logic version July 2010. But it's lost, I'm just looking for somebody out there who might know, even send me the sample via e-mail and I could drag it into my EXS24. Just frustrating. I know it's not "Toots" or "Stevie" but it was very workable. It isn't by chance in Garageband somewhere?
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Found it!!
I hadn't thought to look for "bluesharp"

The BluesHarp is in a folder here: Factory/12 Legacy Instruments/05 Horns & Woodwinds/

I believe the "legacy instruments" are only installed if you select to do the complete and full install of Logic Studio. I can't say what disk it's on, but you could always get Pacifist, which is a free app that allows you to look inside installer packages and select sections to extract.
Here: http://www.charlessoft.com/
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Thank you Colin! I'm having no luck finding a "Legacy Instruments" folder in LS. I pulled out the discs and I have no clue where to look. If you found it and know where it is could you put it in a folder, attach it and send it to me via e-mail to mtjkeys@aol.com? I would so grateful! A thought.....

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Hi Colin,

Thanks again. I downloaded Dropbox. I really wish I knew where that folder was. I got my LS discs (by the way, I bought the upgrade version of Logic Studio last july, don't know if that matters) out and obviously didn't look on the Jam Pack discs that were included. At the time of my install I Installed everything, total install. So, the Legacy Instruments, I'm unaware of that grouping, or any of the EXS24 Samples being named that. I looked through about a dozen discs and I didn't find it last year when I was looking for the Bluesharp sound and now in the last few days. So, I appreciate your help and hopefully I'll get this downloaded when it appears.
Thanks again. Tim
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