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Has anyone used Stutter Edit?

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by Kitsa, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Kitsa

    Kitsa Logician

    I was interested in this, but have heard that it's not very good with logic. I've got logic studio 9, and wondered if anyone had any firsthand experience using this.
  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Logician

  4. mattrixx

    mattrixx Logician

    Works a treat here!!
  5. Kitsa

    Kitsa Logician

    Thanks Matt, could you tell me how you use it as a production tool. Most of the marketing and you tube videos are showing it as a live effects tool.

    The iZotope website does state it can be used as a production tool, but I just wanted to know from someone who's used it, and could you give a basic run through on how (eg. when adding effects to different tracks, you'd only be able to do one track at a time, so do you arm a new track to loop the stutter edit into that track to record as a 2nd track?)

    Eddie advised that you can get for 10 days free, which I think would be enough time to get a good idea as a live effects tool, but the production value would probably take a couple of months, if it can be used as a production tool.
  6. mattrixx

    mattrixx Logician

    The key to getting Stutter Edit to work properly is in understanding what it is and the routings required to get it into your signal path.

    It is an audio instrument, so you can't just pop it on your master out (though you actually can, but not really the best way to use it IMO)

    You should create an audio instrument track and then assign the side chain input to a sub group / aux that has everything running through it, but is assigned to no output. (Hope that makes sense... I should create a video).

    As long as you understand the routing possibilities of Logic, you'll be up to speed in no time.

    I'll generally not use it on a whole mix, but on sub groups of either drums, vocals or keys... Obviously there's no rules and everyone has there own methods etc.
  7. charlie

    charlie Logician

    That's how I use it as well. It's really pretty cool.
    -The kind of thing you use here or there to just bring a that touch of "wow" to...
    I love it. :cool:

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