Logic Pro 9 Have to hit cmd-S TWICE to save now..


Here's a minor but strange keyboard/saving question.....

When I was using L8 I got into the habit of when I'd finished a session I'd quickly hit CMD S Q i.e. saving then quitting.

But since I installed L9 if I hit CMD SQ now I get a message asking me if I want to save. But If I hit cmd SSQ instead Logic saves and quits correctly as expected. (but I get a do you want to save message if I hit cmd SSSQ!)


Now, whilst that might sound trivial. I got into a good practice of regularly hitting cmd S to save as I went along, so now I'm concerned that maybe it's not saving when I thought it was.
In school there was a sign in the toilet that said "Flush twice. It's a long way to the cafeteria".

There are two ways to find out if Logic really is saving: Look at the Save menu entry in the File menu. If it's greyed out, there's nothing new to save. Also, look at the modified date status on the file itself. Is it now, or is it several minutes ago?

By the way, cool terms I learned a few years ago:
File Dirty Status: file needs saving
File Clean Status: file doesn't need saving

Sometimes this "dirty/clean" flag (which is supposed to tell the application to either quit/close without saving because it didn't need saving [clean status], or you get the dialogue box asking [dirty status]) will be screwed up. The "safe" screwup is when the dirty status is turned on when it didn't need to be. No big deal, you just save it again. The devasting screwup is when the clean status is turned on when in fact it should be dirty. Oh oh, closing a file without saving changes????
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Fair points, but something is definitely different. And before I posted I made some changes to the project so I knew for definite the "this needs saving" flag was set.

I'll raise it with Apple.

On further investigation I find that it will save and exit only on EVEN number of CMD+S pushes but asks to save on ODD number of CMD+S!!

CMD+S then CMD+Q and it says "Do you want to save the changes" etc etc
CMD+S+S then CMD+Q exits immediately
CMD+S+S+S then CMD+Q it says "Do you want to save the changes" etc etc
CMD+S+S+S+S exits immediately
you get the picture....
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I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I had a problem when I updated to 9 with the key command to save as well. I posted it here and most people including myself thought it had something to do with not using an Apple keyboard. It turned out that the Com+S command was strangely set to have two tasks. I seem to remember it was "nudge by sample" and of course save. That gave me a similar scenario as the one you describe only there was no system in when it did what.
It's quite simple to check just open the key command list and press com+s and see if it takes you somewhere unexpected.
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HKC I thought this was the cure at first but find It's still a problem. I tried pressing cmd S when in the Key Command window but that just saves. In fact I cant press any key combination in the Key Commands window and have it show me the assigned key command, this doesn't seem right?
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Hmm that's strange, you have to click in the key command window to activate it I seem to remember, did you do that.
One thing that is worth noticing is that it seems that you are the only one with this issue. Is there something in your system that is "rare". If this was a common issue I'm sure this forum would be full of angry posts.
It does sound a lot like my problem though.
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HI, Ah yes I see thank you, when I've clicked in the command definitions window I can then hit the key sequence I want to see the definition for and now it shows me. So I did this with cmd+s and all I got was "Save" (greyed out as I assume its mac global). My system is absolutely standard; a fresh install of Snow leopard and a new fresh install of L9.

BUT now I found out it only does it on one project LOL! I cant figure it and as it is only one project I'll live with it (but the 'techie' in me wants to know WHY!!!)
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