Have you seen the AXiS controller?


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I think the AXiS controller is the perfect mate to Logic. A cutting edge controller for cutting edge software.

I made a short animated video as a contest entry for an AXiS-64 from C-Thru-Music. I did all the animation and all the voices. Would you take a minute and check it out? You might laugh. If you do would you leave a comment for me. Thanks.

I'd love to play with one. New ways of using technology to experiment with performance like this is really cool to me. The problem is they are prohibitively expensive to get into. Unless I was really serious about putting in the time to use its full potential it's hard to justify the cost...
I'm sorry, but that has to be one of the most irritating advertisements I've seen.

I agree though that rethinking the concept of how to access and control music and musical devices can't be bad.
It is good but not really cheap.I don't want to loose a day trying it out due to work.It looks awesome graphically.Arduino platform is ideal for standalone applications,it really comes to life when interfaced with a PC.It depends upon on the computer system.
But what about all the time money and effort spent on piano lesson???!!!

It would take a new mental approach.