Logic Pro 9 Having trouble using E-MU LONGboard 61 in Logic 9


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Hi, my name is Josh, I'm new to the board and to Logic 9.

I recently purchased both Logic 9 and an E-MU LONGboard 61. When it comes to making music I can have my longboard plugged into the Mac, I can open up a new software instrument track with Logic and play drums and piano and what have you, but I can't use any of the features that are physically present on the longboard within logic. When I say physically present features, I mean theres a wheel for pitch and another fopr modulation, a volume knob, a filter section with two knobs for cutoff and resonance, an envelope section for attack and delay/release knobs and an effects section with knobs for chorus and reverb. There's also a button for a section containing program change, midi channel, velocity curve and system. And then there is another button for a section titled single/split/layer which seems to let the user switch between upper and lower. Theres also a gigantic section at the center of the keyboard for what seems to be selecting general midi instruments. I cant seem to be able to use any of this in logic yet!

I'm a complete rookie, I can roughly follow what sflogicninja says in his videos and I did watch all of tips number 10 parts 1-3 and did everything he said but It still isn't working, theres no sound at all coming out in logic from the longboard. Any help will be greatly appreciated so many, many thanks in advance to you all!