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I added a new external Midi track and recorded a take. I see the Midi info and the level meter moves, but I hear no sound, what can I do to hear what I recorded? On a side note is there a specific key command that rewinds a track to the beginning? Can't seem to find it. Thank you all for any help.
First question: are you trying to play an external tone generator, or an internal sound made by Logic?

Second thing: Pressing stop 2 times will take you back to the beginning of either the top on the song, or if you are using a cycle, the top of the cycle.
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Thank you for responding George. I am using an external tone generator. A Roland GR-33 playing a MIDI Stick. I wouldn't mind be able to use the Logic sounds as well but right now I don't hear anything.
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Next questions:

1) What is your audio card?

2) Are the audio outs of the GR-33 going to your audio inputs?

3) Have you made an aux track and selected the same inputs that your GR-33 are going into so you can hear the audio?

Here is some important information about Logic: There are 3 types of tracks: Audio, midi, or instrument track. Audio would be for a vocal to be recorded onto, using an input from your audio card. 2) Midi, which is data that in itself doesn't make any sound at all... it needs to trigger some kind of external tone generator, the GR-33 in this instance, or instrument, where you can take midi data, and use it to trigger Logic's built in sounds.

Now if you can understand what I just wrote, you should be able to figure out what the issue is... Is your tone generator (external midi GR-33 ) going to some kind of input into Logic or is it being monitored in some way? If you want to trigger a built in Logic sound, you would need to create one, and instantiate on of the instruments to hear something that way.

The the big question is: are you in any way experienced in using a DAW or is this your first time? If you are new, I would highly suggest that you go through the little intro to Logic book that came with Logic 9. It is an awesome way to get some kind of a handle on a very complex thing to understand: basic recording.

Also, there is a guy on Youtube, SFNinja, who does some pretty good Logic tutorials from what I have heard... you might want to check him out. Or you could hire a guy like me who is in your area, to come over and take you through the basics of Logic, but that will cost your some $$$.

Still need more info to help...
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