Hello from CT new to Logic Pro X


I've tried them all. I stayed away from Logic for so long. I was always a pc user trying to make a DAW work, struggling. Then I got my first iMac, used Cubase, Studio One, etc. better. Sold that Mac and got a newer one.

After playing around with Garageband on the new iMac and my iPad and iPhone, I thought seriously about getting Logic Pro X. Finally did.

it's brilliant. I am very impressed. Look better then any DAW I ever worked on.

I started in 1996 with a P2 desktop running Magix Audio Studio. member that?

It's amazing how integrated and advanced home recording has become.Theoretically, I could sketch an idea on my phone, save to the cloud, open on my iPad, work on it more. Then open it on my DAW and finish in detail as I remotely control the program on my iPad remote app.