Hello from Des Moines (Iowa)


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I'm a singer/songwriter from Des Moines.
I have a background in Theatre sound design and composition (MFA '89 CalArts)
I've been using GarageBand to produce albums for years (literally started with the first version) and before that used Performer (pre-Digital), Deck II and Metro.
I went for years w/ GB (and lately it was looking a lot like LogicLite anyway) before I ran into a problem I felt I needed Logic for.
Been using MainStage for several years as well. Streaming on Twitch (and before that Audio only into Second Life.

Currently working on finalizing a new album project. Needed to thin out what my keyboard recorded to the midi tracks of several songs, so that was the last straw. Now I'm looking forward to greater mixing and mastering tools. Hoping I'll be able to really up my game on this stage.