Spidah Handz

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HI!!!!! My name is Matt. I'm 27 and trying to make a solo CD of backingtracks that I can play over live at open mics or short act openings (eventually) as working auditions/demonstrations to recruit fellows to my cause.

The hurdle I am facing is creating a consistent master sound that will sound good at high volumes and won't sound like a cheesy backing track from youtube. Trying to make the real deal here, without the reality ;)

Anyway, I'll have tons of questions as I trudge along the sunlit path. My first question though is if I have short samples, what is the best way to share it with y'all? My thought is to have a 15-20 second clip or a full recording on Bandcamp.com and link the track in a new post asking for feedback.

I really have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with these plugins so I play around until I get a sound I like. For example, on just about every track my go-to plugin setting starts with a compressor with "drums: type-u-toms" and EQ with "bass improve 3". Seems to get a delightful thump in the ears. As far as drums go, I'm using the Drummer feature, with 3 drum tracks on various ridiculously bassy settings with a bass amp plug in to give it some distortion. Seems to get a raunchy crunch in the ears.

So yes, there was no dawn before this day, but we shall sing into the rain :)