Hello :)

Leon Gilroy

Hi im Leon,
I make Hiphop but would love to do more commercial stuff or movie soundtracks

Been using Logic for about 4 Months now, before that used some of the PC DAWs and used Logic 5 for about a year back in 2002 with no help or tutorials which drove me to the brink for the first week! :brkwl:

Pretty much been messing with music since i was around 8-Mario paint, music 2000, i am not ashamed.

I have no training and admittedly not the brightest spark or a very good producer but if i see any problems that i have ran into i'll try help more than i hurt. I was told once that teaching is one of the best ways of learning.

I think i have some usable workflow knowledge for people struggling but my refining skill and essentially final quality really sucks so i'm here to improve and the people on here seem phenomenally well informed!

In a nutshell just trying to learn about something i love doing. :)