Help ~ 2019 Imac has stopped working with my interface


Help ~ My 27" Imac audio section blew up, and it now does not acknowledge my Interface... Any suggestions before I waste a lot of money? Thank You!
While "audio section blew up" doesn't sound so good, it unfortunately doesn't provide much in the way of information as to exactly what happened. What do you mean by "audio section"? Please provide as much info as you can, that way there is a better chance that someone may be able to help.
Thanks Mark ~ My Imac is 2019 intel with 128gb memory and 4TB ssd... It is maxxed out... that's why I'm trying to save it. There was a visible flash that came from the onboard audio out and then silence. At first I thought it only affected the audio, but now I have found that the sound source selector shows neither the built-in audio or my outboard audio interface in the lists (as it did before). I bought it on eBay so there may be a month or two of their warranty remaining. Everything else is working normally...