Help a total newbie please


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OK I am involved in a project to finish recording and mixing an album for a dear friend who is in the last stages of terminal cancer and wants to get the project done asa.
I am a PC/Reaper guy since way back when and our drummer (singers best friend since childhood) has a mac pro running logic Pro 9.
I just bought a used Mac Mini which apparently will run Logic Pro 9 and be compatible with what the drummer has.
Where do I find a logic pro 9 to buy? Preferably not too expensive, but I couldnt find anything much at all in the UK on ebay and nothing on the other suspects. In the for sale section here I saw only Logic 7 which I am nervous of buying, since it wont be the same.
Any advice gratefully received.



Logic 9 shows up at Amazon. But why bother with 9? Get Logic X. It's cheaper, better, faster, and will last longer.


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I need 9 because I bought the Mac Mini specifically to help my drummer who is on Logic 9. Happily, I have just bought a used Logic Pro9 from a reliable source for £30!
That aside, I agree about ProX and may indeed buy that later if I take to the whole Mac experience.
Right now I am busy learning about Finder and all the other alien concepts! Had a quick compulsory lesson on .dmg files when I downloaded the drivers for my little RME Babyface!
Anyway, thanks for the advice. Hopefully I wont be too much of a nuisance while I am finding my feet with logic.