Logic Pro 8 Help! Does Logic have an "Auto-Corrupt" mode or what??

Two tricky problems:

1) Is there a way to Undo Automation for a whole track or Project with a single action? Its so screwed up at present, I'd rather re-do each by hand than fight it. Why will a track refuse your attempts to rewrite an automation move, even when done in Touch mode? I have one that refuses my attempts to keep it OUT of Mute, which I used while adjusting a few other tracks. Now it stubbornly Mutes in the Arrange window and the Mixer as it did while I was mixing a bit. I can hold Mute in the Off position in one window and it still mutes in the OTHER. What the heck...? It SHOULD re-write, right...?

2) I also have several tracks arbitrarily becoming MONO. They don't APPEAR to be in Solo Safe mode- no red slash through the Solo button- and they were previously in stereo, so how can this happen? I followed Apple's own Solo Safe instructions for those that were doing THAT (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1939), but when I tried to change the setting to channel 256, it did NOT highlight as it said it should. That's probably the issue and at that point, I'm stuck with a damaged Project. Why won't it stay corrected? I'm afraid this thing has become so corrupted, its just lost. I've Saved after fixing this by hand, but it still appears when I recall the Project. There is also a track that keeps jumping into Solo Safe mode when I recall the piece, even after I previously unchecked it manually before saving. Am I screwed because I DIDN'T set up a Prelisten channel before I began? What error in flow am I committing, if any? Any suggestions? I swear I didn't hit "Auto-Corrupt".... thanks!:brkwl:
There's a key command for opening up a window with all the automation for one track in editable format. Mine is set to Control-Q - can't remember if this is a default or something I set, but you can find the command in Key Commands and set it to whatever you like. In this window you could Select-All and Delete to clear all automation for each track, though you'd have to go through them one by one.

Not sure about the rest of your issues - it does sound like a corrupted song, and you may have to copy-paste regions into a fresh song file to clean that up. Good luck!
AHA! That takes care of one issue. Its way past time I set up a few Macros anyway. I managed a workaround with one aspect of my problem by using Latch to fix the Mute going on and off through part of a track, but that's not the ideal approach, obviously. Your tip is stashed and appreciated. Now if I can just suss why these 3 tracks suddenly went Mono... Logic is so bloody potent, it makes the very rare glitches stand out more. Believe it or not, that's a vote of confidence, heh heh. Thanks.
A thought occurs to me about the Mono thing, although if the tracks were previously Stereo this may not be related: sometimes I find myself scratching my head because tracks that should be mono are stereo and vice-versa, and then it turns out that I'm using a Mono->Stereo plug-in or a Mono plug-in on that track. Once I exchange the plug-in for the right flavor, everything is hunky-dory. Could that be the issue?
They are stereo audio tracks. That's a good thought, since some things have their own quirky summing behaviors, including effects. I don't think that's it, as they only use small reverb and EQ inserts. (I normally use a send for reverb.) I get the feeling that I made some sort of quasi-Boolean error, where I inadvertantly changed an either/or/and element. At least we're getting closer by discarding what it ISN'T! Its a bit annoying, but I've fixed 2 other issues, so this one will resolve in time as well.
Okay, maybe this is crediting you with too little familiarity with Logic, so please forgive me if that's the case, but you do know that clicking on the little circle below the meter toggles between Mono and Stereo irrespective of the mono-ness or stereo-ness of the file on that track, right? I'm just trying to think of anything else it could be...
Um, I do now, ahem. There's one of those little semi-quirks I'm still learning. Next, I think 'll set up a personal project template and take another run at this. I need to read/view some more tutorials. I must not be setting up the mixer routing properly or it wouldn't be "sputtering" like this. Thanks for getting me a little closer; the sooner I get the proper work flow down, the sooner I can play rather than troubleshooting.