Help, I'm trying to emulate this bands production style: drums, bass, vocals.


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Ok, I’m trying to replicate the ‘Production’ style of the band Empire Of The Sun.

They are kind of a dance/electronic/pop band from Australia.

I’m trying to get the drums, bass and vocal production flavours as close to this as possible using Logic Pro X (latest version 10.4.8) on an iMac.

I just love the production style/quality of this band and it fits perfectly with the style of songs I’m working on at the moment: dance/pop/electronic.

I am sure this band are using a drum machine, not a drummer, as the production suggests this. The drums are typical drum machine style. The bass is a nice smooth fat rounded dance style bass sound and the vocals seem to have a ‘transistor radio’ type quality, with reverb and possibly some delay.

So, below I’ve put the links to three of their most popular tracks, and these are typical of the band. Anybody care to have a quick listen and then give me some Logic Pro X software instruments for the bass and drums and some settings for vocals?

I don’t have any additional plug-ins in Logic Pro X, just what it came with when downloaded from Apple.

So far, the closest I can get to this bands bass and drum sounds in Logic is by creating a drum track using the Ultrabeat drum machine sampler with its ‘Retro Machines’ chosen from its built in drum kits.

For the bass I’ve chosen the Stringer Bass.

Vocals, I have no idea what settings to add here to achieve this guys transistor radio style effect.

If anybody fancies having a quick play around in Logic for 10 minutes or so to help me achieve this style I’d really appreciate it – a lot – as I’m kind of struggling to get anywhere near their sound. I’m aware that this band probably have a load of out-board equipment, but I’m sure I can get in the ballpark just with what the basic Logic Pro X has.

Walking On A Dream:

Way To Go:

We Are The People: