Logic Pro 9 Help! Logic not recognizing keyboard


Out of nowhere my Yamaha UX16 USB Midi connection from Keyboard to Macbook pro has stopped responding. Both Logic and Garageband acknowlege a usb connection into the program yet no signal is received from the Keyboard.

I feel like I've tried everything. Clicks and Ports, Midi In cable to Midi out Port on keyboard and vice versa, Audio/Midi setup, refreshing the inputs, reinstalling the driver for UX16 Yamaha...and to no avail.

Can anyone help?? I've hit a high wall. Perhaps the midi ports on the keyboard have gone bad(not likely but a possibility)

Prompt feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks guys.
In this situation I do two things:

1) Try an alternative keyboard/controller.

2) try an alternative computer.

Are ere either of those an option for you?
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If you haven't yet done these steps.

Restart computer
Turn keyboard off and back on
Replace USB cable
Check software settings on keyboard - did you disable a send MIDI function?
Check hardware functions on keyboard. I worked last night with a client whose old Yamaha keyboard had a switch to send MIDI, and it wasn't set for that. Took a few minutes of trouble shooting to find it.

Also in Audio MIDI setup you may have to have a keyboard icon connected to the MIDI in of the Yamaha interface icon.
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Gentlemen, thanks for your replies. I will try what you recommended.

It may be worth noting that in the Ux16 usb options for my midi driver, when the option is checked to send messages from the computer to the midi keyboard, it works, a green light flashes.


with the option checked to send messages from the keyboard to the computer, there's no response...no green light flashes like there used to be.

I'll update you in a bit. Lemme know if that info above helps define this better. THanks.
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UPDATE: I decided to search for a Pdf Manual of my Panasonic Technics SX-KN920 and read up in the Midi section. It allowed me to discover how I could access more options in the midi settings. But still, I found nothing out of place or changed from the default settings.

Do you suggest I take my equipment to a music shop? Do you think they would have the expertise to help me troubleshoot this?

(I will mention, my keyboard took a mild dive from its stand to the floor prior to all this. It seems as though since the fall, I've run into trouble. Everything seems to be in working condition except for the keyboard sending Midi data to the computer.)
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The dive could well have killed its MIDI output.

Pete's suggestion of swapping out with another MIDI controller could confirm the problem is specifically the keyboard. Alternately, you could take it to someone's home who has a working MIDI interface and try it there.

Also, Pete's suggestion of taking it to a shop is good - they can probably test it. If you like the keyboard, see what repairs might cost. Unfortunately, repairing electronic equipment is often not worth the cost vs. replacing with new.
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sounds like its most likely to be the keyboard not sending out note messages

I would hazard a guess that the most likely thing is that when it fell it accidentally knocked some buttons which turned off the note messages.

Other options could be that you have a particular MIDI channel filtered out on Logic and the keyboard may have changed MIDI channel

or that Note messages are being filtered out for some reason (you could check this by seeing whether Logic receives pitch bend or modulation info)

Resetting the keyboard to factory settings should help (apologies if youve already done this - I didnt see it listed above) - if you havent done this already then you should find the info in the manual.

Its quite unusual for a 'proper' MIDI port to break (although sounds like its a USB socket acting as a MIDI output instead which is likely to be more fragile)

Again my guess would be that it would most likely be the USB lead connector that could be broken in a fall as opposed to the socket.

Also try changing the lead and see if this helps.

Keyboards are generally pretty robust things - even these days when most of them probably arent designed for stage use.

Good luck x
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