Logic Pro 8 Help! Logic not recognizing sustain pedals


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Help! Yesterday I had to unplug my keyboard and all of it's cords. Today when I try to use the sustain pedal it is not being recognized. Actually, it's being recognized. It just stays on 127 the whole time until I unplug it. What it doesn't recognize is the depressing of the pedal. I press the pedal it does nothing. I unplug the pedal it goes to zero.

I had an issue almost like that once with one of my keyboards. The polarity was off. All I had to do was turn off the keyboard, unplug the sustain pedal and plug it back in and turn on the keyboard and it was fixed. But I've tried that and it doesn't work. I've even tried using a different pedal. That doesn't work.

I've tried every combination of plugging it in, turning it off, unplugging it, turning it on, holding down the pedal while I plug it in, holding down the pedal while I unplug it, restarting logic...


I'm working with Logic 8
So I just realized the problem lies with the keyboard itself not Logic. Hooked it up to an amp and it's doing the same thing apart from the computer. Don't know how to fix it. But at least I know it's not Logic. Thanks for your help!
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