Logic Pro 9 HELP!....Need advise about logic and CPU overload


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Hello Forum ( log time reader first time poster),

I could very much use some help on this subject for a lot of you "veteran" computer guru's /engineers. Here is my problem. I do a lot of jazz recording, trios ,quintets,quartets even big bands.

Until recently, I have not been happy with the quality of sound i was getting. I was recording at 48k then i switched to 96k and whoa what a difference in quality, So I started tracking at 96k. I now that 96k sucks up cpu like crazy so I would only track at most 8 tracks all together.

I use logic pro9 as my DAW . I have noticed when only working with 2 audio my cpu starts to peak and I get an overload message ( refer to the images below)
I don't use many plug-ins maybe 4 or 5 altogether max.

Macbook 2.1ghz intel dou core 4gb ram
Saffire pro 40/Saffire octopre dynamic mk2
Logic 9.1

My Macbook is pretty solid -Ive got a 2.1 ghz duel core /4gb of ram.
It shouldn't be spiking with only 2 tracks!!!.

Also, Attached is another project I have recorded at 96k 8 tracks all together
may 8 -10 plug-ins altogether.

I am only working with audio tracks not any logic midi or sample tracks

My question- Although I am working with 96k I am not working with many tracks or plugins at all. However, cpu is getting pounded! If I added 2gb of ram to my mabook, would I be in good shape? or do I need more cores and more ram to fix this problem? I have read a lot of the threads on this subject and these are the steps I have already done[/B ( below)] Is there anything I have not tried that would optimize my cpu performance .Any advise and help on this would be greatly appreciated.

In Logic 9
-froze all tracks
-set buffer rate to 1024 samples
-reduced my undo history to 5
-lock all tracks
-process buffer range -set to large

On computer-
-use and usb 2.0 external hard drive
-disable spotlight
-format external hd to mac os journal

Is there anything I have not tried that would optimize my cpu performance .Any advise and help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Here's an update-

I went out and bought a brand new Mac Mini 2.5 Intel Core i5 10gb ram 1600Mhz DDR3 running Mavericks.
I updated Logic to version 9. 1.8 And I STILL get the cpu spikes I did as if I was on my old computer!!!
What is going on? I mean really I have 8 tracks recorded at 96k with maybe 10 plug-ins all together.......I just might have to switch to pro tools 11

The plug-ins I am using are waves plugins v8.


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I think your i5 Mac should be able to do this without a lot of problems.

A thought or two: are you sure the throughput on your USB drive is OK? You can test it with BlackMagic.

Is the CPU actually getting overloaded? If you run Activity Monitor at the same time, what does it tell you? I often get reports from Logic and DP that CPU is spiking when Activity Monitor reports there is no problem. I never look at the CPU monitor in Logic. It has never told me anything useful. Have a look at the disk metering in Activity Monitor too.

Are you running in 64 bit mode? That seems to be a little livelier.

Finally, I think it's odd you would hear a big difference between 48K and 96K recordings. 16 versus 24 bit, yes; 44.1 versus 48, a bit; but 48 versus 96? If so, I think there is something wrong with your 48K setup. Perhaps a timing/sync/clocking issue. I've had clocking issues, especially setups involving ADAT show up a CPU spikes.
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