Logic Pro 9 Help Needed, Unkown Software or hardware issue.


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I am using Logic 9 all bought legitimately and i am using a Mackie audio interface. Whenever i have the audio output set to the Mackie AI and record i get a really fuzzy static recording which also picks up all the other tracks in the song which have not been playing, only through my headphones. I tested it in Garage band and i get the same issue, however whenever i turn the audio output to bulit in output. i dont get the fuzz.. Now i am unsure if this is a software or hardware issue. It seems as though it would be a problem with my AI but i just want to check i havnt messed up some software setting. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Or knows a Fix
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I'm not familiar with the Mackie Interfaces. But it sounds to me like you have a channel for the full mix that is getting routed back to your input. Is there some sort of hardware software that comes with the Mackie. It seems like there might be a full mix audio stream being routed to the inputs. This can most likely be changed in the hardware monitoring software for the Mackie.
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Hi, thanks for the reply. this issue just started happening and as far as i am aware there is no accesses to that software to reroute anything.. i am really confused.
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Is it possible then that there are hardware settings on the Mackie unit to control the routing of outputs to inputs? I would try spending a few minutes with the Mackie manual and see if you can suss it out.
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