Logic Pro Help needed with MPC 2000 XL - Logic Pro X connection

el duderino

New Member
Hello, I'm having trouble with my MPC 2000 XL - Logic Pro X connection. I'm attempting to record the audio output of the MPC into Logic and onto a Logic audio track. I have the connections right and my MPC/Logic synchronized. I have created a new audio track in Logic, set the input to Input 1 + 2, set the input device to Fast Track Pro, and clicked the "I" so I can monitor input from the MPC.

Here's the problem - when I press pads on the MPC, audio signal levels come through into Logic and I am able to record them, but the sound is a terribly distorted version of what's on my MPC pads. I'm listening through headphones connected to my Fast Track Pro. I have the IB/PB Mix set all the way to PB. And with the gain levels at a normal level, the my clap sounds OK, but my kick drum sounds crazy distorted. Even when I turn the gain levels down to their lowest levels (and lower the output level, and bump down the signal level in Logic), the kick still sounds messed up.... It's not making the clip lights on the FTP light up, nor is it clipping in Logic, but it still sounds very distorted.... Yet everything sounds beautiful if I plug the headphones straight into the MPC... Any ideas?

Drivin me nutty as I had everything working perfectly recently... Thank you in advance for your help!