Logic Pro 8 Help! new sample library inaccessible


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I purchased some piano samples from PostPiano.com, the Bosendorfer 290 sample library has great reviews, 12 layers of velocity, I'm dying to try them. Only trouble is the instructions on how to install the library are somewhat brief, "just copy the folder to the hard drive, anywhere will do" kind of thing.

The library is for EXS24 in Logic, I have installed other 3rd party sample libraries and they work fine but this one is very complex, I don't feel like messing with the file structure.

Does anyone use this library?
Can you help me get it working please?
One thing you must do is copy the EXS instrument (the file that ends in ".exs") to Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments. If you also copy the actual samples to Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Samples there's a good chance the EXS might find them on its own.

I got the "Old Lady" from PMI a few years ago, and although there were some glitches at first, it's still my favorite piano. I remember some exchanges with Michiel Post (no, I didn't misspell his name!) that finally got it working in EXS, but if the above doesn't work you will get more help from Redmatica's wonderful EXSManager software. See the Redmatica section in this forum for more details:

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I have this piano and EXS Manager. I have never been able to make it work perfectly. Some samples are replaced by a noise. I have a lot of samples and from time to time some instruments seem to do this, most recently the Malmsjo Grand. I hope that next time I upgrade my system it will work better if I install the problematic ones first. The EXS Manager has helped to some extent but it hasn't been able to save it entirely.
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Thanks I have it working now, after copying all 11 .exs files to the sampler instruments folder I now have a wide range of options for accessing this piano sample library. I notice however that I do not seem to get the full range of velocity expression, nor do I hear any release sample sounds. Could it be that the 4Gb of Ram in my iMac intel may not be sufficient? Maybe I would get an 'insufficient memory' warning if this was the case.

Along with the .exs files and the samples folder in the main Bosendorfer290 folder, there are also many unix executable files ending .nki . Names like B290 Brian eno.nki and K2 B290 DRY ENHANCED.nki seem to hint at more tonal possibilities than I am able to access. I wonder what I need to do to unlock this potential.
Would I need to purchase the Kontakt II software that I have read about?
can these files be converted to work with exs24 sampler?
maybe they are compatible.

I must confess to being frustrated by the highly technical jargon of the user manual, I'm no stranger to technical language but it does seem a bit inconsiderate to the user that no effort has been made to state the most essential information in plain English.
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Hi Colin,

Pretty sure .nki files are Kontakt-specific and cannot be translated to EXS, but maybe they work with the free Kontakt Player:


Unfortunately, I found Kontakt so anti-intuitively confounding that I was motivated to try to resample all my GPO instruments (which use the Kontakt player) into EXS format, a project that will require some years of spare time. Might be worth trying though, if it's just for a couple of piano patches.
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I have downloaded the free Kontakt player, I tried loading the bos samples but nothing doing. As you say the user interface is not so very intuitive, but then I remember being completely baffled by the Logic7 when I was a complete beginner. OOh my god all these variables and settings!! all I want is to play the piano :eek:(
thanks for your helpful comments anyhow. I may try contacting Postpianos direct, the more queries they get the more likely they are to make their samples easier to use I guess.
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Bosendorfer 290

Hi all, I have purchased a macpro 2.66 12 core machine with 12 gigs of ram. Installed bose 290 east west version. Also installed kontact 4. I am experiencing problems with the sustain pedal cutting when released. Was told by east west that they don't support kontakt anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

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