Logic Pro 8 Help: OMF export failed


Deleted unused files.

Then did a OMF export (small project, only 100 MB) and got this message:
"OMF export failed due to internal error!"

Tried both OMF 1 and 2, same error.

All other export formats - AAF, Open TL and Final Cut - works just fine.
So I wonder why I get this error. The message doesn't tell me much.

Any ideas?


there is a issue with too many regions in L7 any more than 53 stereo regions (107 mono) and it will throw up errors.

even if you are using L8 .. id merge your regions to make less of them.

though i just noticed you have consolidated the files .. how many are there?
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Well, it was actually a LP7 project I had converted.
But now I've tried creating a project from scratch, recording 3 seconds of audio on one single track.

Still get the same error message when trying to export as OMF. I must conclude it's not working at all. Very strange.

Has anyone used the OMF export function in LP 8.0.2 sucessfully?

By the way, a limitation of about 100 files is also a big joke. OMF is mostly used in Post Production. I'd guess very few of those projects include less than 100 files.
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I'm using 8.0.2 and OMF export NEVER works and throws out an error. However sometimes you can open the generated OMF file and it seems to be correct. Sometimes the regions are missing, sometimes it can't be opened though. Go figure...
It looks like a very poor implementation of the OMF export module in Logic, which is quite sad.
The only reliable method of export is consolidating from one point. Oh, AAF sometimes works fine which makes it a useful option too.
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I wish I could report better results for Nuendo. OMF is, let's just say, less than optimal there as well, and I wonder just how much it has to do with OMF itself. I suspect that it isn't just a logic issue.

kind regards

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Thanks for your input. I must say it's very strange that both Nueondo and Logic has this problem.

I rarely need to use OMF, just tried a few times and I don't think I've ever managed to get it to work either on LP8 or LP7.

AAF worked and that project could be imported on another system also.
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